Boresha Review: Is Boresha's BSkinny Coffee a SCAM?

Published: 17th December 2009
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Is Boresha's BSkinny Coffee a SCAM?

Not hardly.

Boresha's gourmet coffee begins with superior quality, AA Arabica coffee beans, shade tree and organically farmed in the rich, volcanic soil of Uganda. The beans are certified organic before traveling to Concord, CA, where they are roasted at Boresha's state of the art, infrared roasting facility. Since flames never touch the beans, all of Boresha's coffee is without a bitter aftertaste. An all natural, thermogenic formula, developed by world renowned, naturopathic scientist, Dr. Ann DeWees Allen, is then added, transforming Boresha's gourmet coffee into BSkinny Coffee!

How does it taste?

Boresha's BSkinny Coffee is a very smooth, rich, gourmet coffee with no bitter aftertaste. It's a great tasting cup of coffee. But what about its thermogenic claims of burning fat? Can they really be believed?

Does BSkinny Coffee really burn fat?

In a word . . . yes!

I personally know several people who switched from their regular coffee to Boresha's BSkinny and burned as much as 11 lbs of fat in their first 4 weeks! That's without modifying any other aspect of their life. The only thing they changed was their coffee!

How much does it cost?

A retail price for a one month supply of BSkinny Coffee, including a 12 oz jar of their BSweet, low glycemic sugar substitute, costs approx. $174, or about $1.45 per cup. The price can be lowered to just $119 per month by enrolling in their monthly, recurring "autoship" program, which would bring the price to approximatel $0.99 per cup.

Boresha's BSkinny Coffee is an affordable, effective and delicious way to burn fat. Boresha sells their unique, gourmet coffees through a network of independent distributors. Currently there are fewer than 7,000 distributors throughout the United States, so finding one could be your biggest challenge.

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Lisa Jenkins on September 14, 2011 said:
Sounds tasty, and it burns fat?! What more could you want?!

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